My name is Lusine Saakyan and I love to create beautiful artworks. I moved to US with my family in 1991 from Yerevan, Armenia.  I grew up in Glendale, California.  I have two boys and they are the greatest blessings in my life.  I love reading historical novels, dancing and I believe in the law of attraction.  I genuinely believe that our every move is guided by the universe and the people we meet on our path through life are no accidents.

Inspiration:  I find inspiration in life in its good and challenging days.  I find nature and the universe in its entire glory inspiring.

How I started:

Facing many challenges in my family both financially and personally I channeled my energy onto canvas.  Having no formal education in art I  just allowed my inner voice and imaginative nature into creating non-realistic, stylized original paintings.  Painting helped me stay strong for myself, my children, and my family.  I painted and healed myself through creative ways and was able to be a strong foundation for people around me who depended on me.

I am me and my art is a reflection of me. Imaginative composition began to take root when I accepted the changes in my life, being able to breathe freely and deeply. The passion within me, my drive, and my creativity allowed my spirit to soar and direct my energy into good use. In creating my artwork, I use bold hues of red and gold to express the fiery, passionate energy. In my paintings layer of color, a mixture of new and old techniques as well as expressive style reflects my intense and complex nature. Looking within myself I found strength, courage, and firmness in my paintings. I pick up a canvas and start to create the next piece; I set my intention to be guided by honesty, genuine splendor of possibilities, and reflection of who I am. Looking within I found that I am solely responsible for nurturing, cleansing, finding harmony and balance in my life. My art was born as a result of my awakened imagination, my simple yet complex character, and the urge to express myself through art.